Hide your money !!

The Bent Bookies® are here !!

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  • The Bent Bookies® begin by meeting and greeting the guests and talking up the races and creating a fun atmosphere. They also hand out the fake betting money to the guests.
  • At a given time they announce that they are now taking bets on the first race and invite the guests to place bets with them like real bookies.
  • Once all bets are in The Bent Bookies® call the first race of the evening. The races are all on dvd and are displayed up on the big screen. One of the bookies does a live call. The names of the horses have been substituted with names supplied by the client. (guest names or suppliers names etc.)
  • At the end of the race guests collect their winnings and place bets on the next race.
  • Between the races the Bent Bookies® rove the room chatting up the ladies and talking shop with the guys.

  • Other Highlights of the night include
  • Fashions on the field Male and Female.(best dressed, best hat etc)
  • Lucky door prize
  • Live auction at end of races. Guests use their winnings to bid on great prises supplied by client.

The Bent Bookies® can even MC your entire night for you if required.

The Bent Bookies are just the thing

to liven up your party or event.

Ideal for horse racing themed events.

From 10 people to 1,000 people.

The Bent Bookies Supply the following;

  • Fake betting money
  • Bookie bags
  • Bookie boards with names of all horses in all races
  • DVD of races (up to 3 races)
  • Writing of race call with substituted names supplied by client
  • PA system with DVD player / laptop. microphones, background music.

Please be aware that there are other acts calling themselves The Bent Bookies, but our act is the original and registered business name.