Matthew Barker

      Character Actor


MatthewMatthew is a great mimic and can impersonate most characters.

He has worked as a voice/over artist for radio and even overdubbed a series of cartoon movies creating aver a dozen character voices.

When impersonating a well know character, he researches costuming, voice and characteristics and then puts his own slant / exaggerations into the character to make it his own. (you can never be as good as the original, but you can certainly try to get close)

"Yeah Baby!!"

Mathew's Austin Powers, dressed in either green or red suit, looks, sounds and acts just like the real thing.

Sometimes even riding around on his electric scooter.

He is constantly overheard asking the ladies,"Do I make you horny?"

Matthew as Austin guarantees a Grrroovy night baby. Yeah!

Matthew as Uncle Fester from the 'Adams Family' T.V show. Great for Halloween parties or any theme night.

Some Mothers Do Have 'em.

Matthews portrail of

Frank Spencer is excellent, having performed at private functions, corporate do's and product launches. "Every day in every way he keeps getting better and better."

Molly Humdrum

Matthew's interpretation of Molly Meldrum is spot on. He has MC'd many corporate functions as Molly with lots of ummmm's and "Do yourselves a favor". He has appeared at many parties and he guarantees you will COUNTDOWN the days till you can use him again.

Groucho Marx

One of the first characters Matthew impersonated. With lots of wisecracks, the funny walk and those eyebrows. How could you not enjoy Matthew's antics as Groucho.

The Grumpy Old Conductor.

If he can't conduct an orchestra he will conduct the conversation. Using musical jargon and apologizing for the flatulence, "I'm old you know!" He is a very annoying, very funny, old boy to have at your function.

Maxwell Smart

Agent 86 of Control

Close your eyes and listen. You would swear that Don Adams or Inspector Gadget were in the room. Open your eyes and you see it is Matthew dressed in a trench coat with a shoe phone and the cone of silence. A very accurate and funny character.

Turn of the Century Gentlemen

Matthew has created a number of characters including the founder of the AFL. Tom Wills (far left) for Chanel 10 and the AFL Hall of Fame dinner in 2008.

James Bond

Matthew has portrayed James Bond over a dozen times for all types of functions.

He looks just like that James Bond that no one can remember. You know the one. He can do Sean Connery's voice very well or a suave English accent.

Doc. Brown

from the movie

"Back To The Future."

He's an absolute nutter. Never stands still. Rants and raves in that raspy voice and is a crazy character for your function. Matthew has MC'd as Doc for a Mazda Launch and appeared at many functions, including the launch of the Southern Star in 2008.

Matto the Clown

He can't juggle to save himself. Is on work experience when it comes to balloon animals. Can't do magic. Security usually have to escort him from the function, but he is funny. Really!

Lame Edna

"Hello possums!!"

Politically incorrect, unattractive, loud and opinionated.

What more could you expect. Matthew does a great impersonation of Dame Edna.

Nigel The Hippy

Stoned, wasted, weird. Yeah that sums up Matthew's hippy character. Do you remember the 60's?. No neither does he.

Ozzy Oddborne

Stoned, wasted, weird., (heard that before), swears a lot and keeps looking for Sharon. Loves singing his Black Sabbath songs and always on the lookout for good joint.

The Bent Bookie

M.T Pocket

Don't trust him with your money.

A great character for any function to do with horse racing. He can even call the race and submit horse names provided by the client.

Fidel Gastro

Matthew's Fidel Castro impersonation is a Dictator with a tummy problem. Gruff, tough, outspoken, but can't eat or drink anything as it goes straight through him.

The Doorman

Either in top hat and tails or as the Ghoul character. Having this fellow greet your guests on arrival is always a great party starter. He searches some guests. Turns some away and takes bribes to sneak others in .

"Do you have an invitation?. No? Well bugger off"

IIndiana Groans

He wants to be just like his famous brother and tries to convince everyone he is just as good, but he just can't quite cut it.

HHere Comes The Judge

Always dresses in robes of office, because he can't remember where his other clothes are. Actually can't remember much of anything really. A very funny character with senile dementia and a very grumpy attitude.

"If i could remember who they were, then I reckon they should all be hung!!"

The Joker

Matthew has portrayed the Joker from "Batman", in movie launches and in Pantomimes in both Melbourne and Perth


He sounds like Manuel from Fawlty towers and wants to be a great bull fighter.

If only he wasn't such a chicken.

Mr Spock

Beam me up Scotty. Matthew has re- created Mr Spock from Star Trek for a couple of corporate functions. The response has always been very positive

The Phantom Waiter

An ex opera singer. Now working as a waiter. Desperate to re-live his glory days as an opera leading man. Serves food and drink.

Can't talk. Just sings. Even when having a conversation with guests.

Troy Orbison

Not quite the real thing.

Looks good. Sounds even better. Matthew can sing a couple of Roy Orbison songs and rove the function as Roy with guitar (he can't play the guitar, but it does look good)

Brokeback Cowboy

The very friendly gay cowboy. Funny and just a little bit over the top. Wears very tight pants and "Oh my god is that a gun in your pocket? Or are you just happy to see me?"

The Ringmaster

Matthew has a couple of Ringmaster characters. Great for circus theme nights. Matthew also is a great MC as the Ringmaster

The AwFuL Umpire

Matthew's footy umpire is fat, nearly blind and very clumsy and reckons he knows everything about any sport. Loves to get people doing warm-up exercises. Loves his whistle and is very funny.


The sleazy South American drug baron and ladies man. couldn't pick up a lady in a pink fit, but that doesn't stop him from trying, and trying, and trying.

Louis the Gunslinger

He's dirty, mean and mighty unclean. Has an eye for the ladies and a snarl for the men. Watch your back when he is around.

Sergeant Yob

He's overweight, corrupt and loves to keep an eye on what everyone is doing. He'll book you for any infringement he can think of. Leaving a half eaten party pie, or dropping a napkin. Watch out! Sergeant Bloke is in town


Dudley Did Right

Mr goody two shoes. Always trying to help, even if you don't need any help. The Canadian mountie, who can't ride a horse, so he uses a 'Segway' instead. Loves to get "Oat and aboat"


Matthew does a great Elvis impersonation. He can rove the function as Elvis and also perform a number of songs with backing CD

Fat Elvis

Elvis after too many peanut butter sandwiches. good comical Elvis for roving around a function.


One of Matthew's original characters. Papadumb has a very silly accent and has been on work experience in Australia for the past 20 years. Saving money to bring the rest of his family out from India. Politically incorrect, but very funny. Always a popular character.

Basil Fawlty

Matthew as Basil Fawlty is an experience to remember. He is absolutely manic.

In a constant state of panic and desperately trying to avoid a confrontation with Sybil.

As a solo character, or with Tarina as Sybil and Roscoe as Manuel.


The Indian Santa

What a laugh. What an accent.

Very funny character for Christmas time. His favorite carols are .."Rudolf the red nosed elephant". "I'm dreaming of a multicultural christmas" and "Papadumb is coming to town"


Matthew does a great roving santa or meet and greet.

Musical santa show

Matthew also does a musical santa show with traditional carols and some originals (20 min to 30 min show) with meet and greet afterwards.

Elfonse the Fat Elf

Elfonse comes form Elfington.He is in trouble with santa because he ate all the christmas pudding. Great roving character for shopping centres etc.

Tall Elf

I thing the photo says it all.

Big Al

Matthew's gangster character is called Big Al. He is a nightclub owner and all round tough guy. With American accent, he is great as a roving character and has MC'd many gangster themed functions and casino nights.

Sherlock Bones

The intrepid detective. Stiff upper lip, oversized magnifying glass and always looking for that clue to solve the case. Sometimes that clue may be under your table or under your jacket or in your hair. If you have a case that needs to be solved call Sherlock Bones.

Jock McSporrin

Sounds a bit like Billy Connelly. Looks a bit like Braveheart.

Acts a bit like a bloody idiot. Trying to get people to travel to Scotland for a holiday, but has a hard time doing it.

Colonel Fothrington

The great white hunter.

A very British character what?

Let the Colonel take you on a hunting expedition. Fun character and has been used at the Melbourne zoo a number of times for corporate functions.


Matthew and his team create a great atmosphere as guests arrive at a function greeted by reporters, cameramen and screaming fans.

Captain Jack

The pirate who is scared of his own shadow.

His crew are not much better off.

Dodgy Security

Matthew is a very dodge security guard. Greeting people on arrival. He will frisk them, scan them with his metal detector, plant drugs on them and then lock them up in handcuffs.

But then again, if you pay him off there's no problem. Is there?