Tarina Barker

                  Character Actor                  

Tarina is a very experienced comic actor and impersonator. Her Marilyn Monroe and Madonna are among the best in Australia. Tarina thoroughly researches each character and her attention to detail in costuming, make-up and voice are excellent. She has great comic timing and is in constant demand as a roving interactive character at private functions, corporate functions and product launches.


“Marilyn was fabulous. Everyone loved her. She stayed in character and was just a hoot.  Len was suitably embarrassed but handled himself well. Tarina was a scream.  We had a ball with her.  Everyone had their phones out taking shots of her!  Unfortunately I only have 2 back thus far, as they come through I’ll send a couple through to you. Many thanks, we all enjoyed our Marilyn, as did Len, he was even blushing which I was happy to see."

Trudy Lawler. Private function. March 2010.

Marilyn Monroe

Tarina sounds, acts and looks like Marilyn. Tarina has performed as Marilyn over 100 times in the past 10 years at all types of functions from private parties to huge corporate functions. Watching her sing Happy Birthday Mr. President while draped over some poor guy is priceless.

Tarina has her own white Marilyn outfit, but can hire the pink dress if needed.


Many people have commented to Tarina that she looks like Madonna. (even when she is not dressed up)

Her impersonation is terrific.

Like a virgin?

I don't think so

AB Fab

Tarina is hilarious as either Eddie, or Patsy from


Smoking a fake ciggy, drinking copious amounts of alcohol. Stumbling around the function looking for "Just a little joint please?!!" Watch out girls don't let Eddie or Patsy get hold of your man


from the Adams Family TV show

great for Halloween theme nights etc

AwFuL Umpire

Tarina is an awful umpire. booking people for all sorts of silly infringements. Loves to get up close and personal with muscle rub downs and stretches. Clumsy and very funny.

Queen Elizabeth 11

We are not amused.

Oh yes we are!

Tarina as the queen is very witty

and very correct.


From Fawlty Towers

"Basil!!! Have you hung the moose head?" Great character as the fussy, busy body hostess. As a solo or with Matt as Bas Manuel. Basil and Manuel.

My Fair Lady

Very correct elegant lady for race themed events. looking for a gentleman friend to escort her for the day. Flirtatious and fun

Carmen Miranda

Tarina has a couple of outfits suited to playing Carnivalle / Carmen Miranda characters. Great accent. Great mover. Great looking

Madam Zarina

The MisFortune Teller.

With Crystal Ball, tarot cards and Palm reading Madam Zarina knows nothing about fortune telling. However she still manages to fool most people who are very happy with their readings. Really looks the part and very convincing.

The Hippy

Tarina has a couple of great hippy characters. Vague, stoned, trippy. trying to score that one great hit.

Jester Minnie

Tarina's jester character is a hit with the little kids. She teaches them how to juggle scarves, plays games and sings songs

Terry Crikey

Tarina's Aussie bush gal character is great for Aussie bush theme nights. Lots of Crikey's and Good on ya Mates!

She'll be right on the night .

The Diva

Ex opera singer now having to work as a waitress to make a living. desperate to re-live her glory days as an opera leading lady. Doesn't talk, just sings.

Ruby Cube

The beautician.

She's loud, crass, wears too much make-up, smokes and has a very annoying laugh. She also knows all the beauty tips and will just quietly tell every lady in the room what she need to do to have that great Ruby look.

Tarina's 'Ruby' has been a hit at many conferences for lady's days and corporate functions.

Elegant Ladies

Tarina looks terrific as Turn of the century ladies. Marie Antoinette. Scarlet O'Hara etc. Beautiful and charming. A great character to greet your guests to that elegant affair.


The Gangsters Moll

Tarina's Dolly is a hoot. A very New York / dumb blond accent. She plays the naive ditzy blond to perfection. Great for any gangster theme night.

Harem Girl / Belly Dancer

Tarina looks great as a Harem Girl and she can also Belly Dance.

Tarina has taught Belly Dance professionally and is has taught ladies at conferences a basic routine that they perform as a group later in the conference.

Lady Fothrington

The turn of the century adventurer. Stiff upper lip what? I say. A very charming character

The zoo keeper

A fun character who knows absolutely nothing about the animals in her care and is more concerned about her bunions on her feet and her bad back.

Has been employed for functions at Melbourne zoo on a number of occasions.







Christmas Characters

tarina has a number of great roving Christmas characters, including elf and Mrs. Claus

Glinda the Good Witch

from 'The Wizard of OZ'

Georgina Calombaris

..the sister of George from 'master Chef'. Very funny female version of George with outrageous Greek accent and very odd culinary skills.
Mary Poppins The Spanish Senorita