are failed and retired umpires still desperate to re-live their AFL glory days.

The AwFuL  UMPIRES tell anyone who wants to listen (and even those who don’t) all about their time as top-level umpires.

The AwFuL  UMPIRES can’t help reporting people for infringements, like; melee’s, holding the man, in the back etc…

The AwFuL  UMPIRES rove the function demonstrating their skills in umpiring and ball bouncing, creating a fun atmosphere.

The AwFuL  UMPIRES are funny, very loud, interactive and are great for all sorts of footy functions.

Available as solo, duo, trio or as many as your function needs ©

AwFuL Umpire Matt with

Shane Crawford at MCG

AwFuL Matt has new apprentice AwFuL Tarina


Ex Richmond coach Danny Frawley gives us an earbashing at Toyota function

                    With Glen Ridge at Toyota function

With Nathan Buckley at     MCG