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We have created dozens of Hollywood and Celebrity Characters.

All our actors are great impersonators and have performed many very convincing performances as famous movie stars, musicians,

T.V stars etc.,

Absolutely Fabulous,

Faulty Towers
Rocky Horror,


Marilyn Monroe

Carmen Miranda,


Mae west,


French maid,
Felicity Shagwell

Austin Powers

Dame Edna Average,

Marx Brothers,

Charlie Chaplin,

John Wayne,

Molly Meldrum
Ossie Ozbourne

Indianna Jones,

Mr. Spock

Maxwell Smart and Agent 99
Gilligan from Gilligan's Island

Steve Irwin

Crocodile    Dundee.........

and  More


We Can create characters upon request.

Simply tell us the theme of your function or the character you want and one of our actors will research the character and create it for you.

A number of our characters have been so successful that they are requested regularily and are so convincing that some guests are convinced we specialise in only those particular characters

Tarina's Marilyn Monroe is arguably the best in Melbourne. she not only looks like the real thing, but sounds, sings and acts like the real Marilyn. Her impersonations Of Madonna and Eddie from Ab Fab are equally as impressive.

Matthew's impersonations of Groucho Marx, Austin Powers, Elvis Presley, Frank Spencer, Mr Spock and Molly Meldrum are excellent and he often MC's as these characters.

We also have many other actors on our books who do great impersonations like Harpo Marx, Charlie Chaplin, Dame Edna and more......